Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it begins!

michael and i have talked about me starting a blog for a while, and i was wandering around the internet and decided it's time to begin. (i guess it's the new year and all!) i'm not sure what this will morph into, but it'll start out as a random life/kids/cooking/baking thing. hope you enjoy. i think i'll go bake muffins now. right after i show you the amazing turkey-pear pita i had for lunch!

would you like to know how i made it?
1 pita pocket (we love the honey wheat ones)
3 slices of deli turkey (mesquite smoked is wonderful!)
1 pear, sliced
romaine lettuce

slice your pita, and stuff the halves with your turkey, pear, and lettuce. (this makes 2 pockets!)
if you think the pita makes it dry, you can spread a little bit of helmans mayo on the inside of it.

i used to get these on a spinach wrap at a local sandwich shop, and they were $5+. outrageous, i know. but then i got smart (and thrifty, thank God!) and started to make my own at home. have fun making this tasty, cheap and easy lunch at home!

God Bless!


  1. Do you use Jennie-O turkey? YUM!

  2. i do believe it was jenno-o turkey! it was honey roasted. (costed 73cents for 3 big slices!)

  3. Oh, I've got to try that! Thanx!