Tuesday, April 5, 2011

morning routines

the other day i blogged about evening rituals that i have, and realized that we have a wonderful routine in the morning too! these ones are done as much for me as for our kids. i've also found that it's a whole lot easier to get things done in the morning when i have more energy (haha!)

we get breakfast for eleanor and isaiah. and i feed jackson.

 the kids then play in the living room while i take care of breakfast dishes.

then i dig into the WORD! i've learned that if i don't do this in the morning, i'm not going to do it at all. (not to mention that if i'm not in the Word everyday i'm not a very pleasant person to be around!)
i usually read a chapter of Proverbs, and some Psalms. sometimes i break out my Joyce Meyer book and speak the Word outloud. it does my spirit good!
i finish up my morning with a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and then it's craft or puzzle or dance time with the kids.


  1. ooh love your morning routine! I do devotions at night... but I get so tired, I think I should move them up.

  2. Nice...it sounds so peaceful when put so poetically....kids, tea, the Word...I like it!! :o)

  3. That is awesome!! What a great way to start your morning!!! Good for you! I need to start this too!

  4. Awesome way to start! I need to work on that instead of hopping onto the computer quickly before baby wakes up!