Saturday, April 16, 2011

things i'm lovin

have i mentioned how much i love etsy?
i could seriously spend all day on that site.
(but since i don't have all day, i usually troll around it after i've put the kids to bed, and mike isn't home from work yet) i've been compiling a list of favorites that has gotten quite huge. here are some of them!

i'm lovin these cute little puppets hanging from a cloud!

you should  know that i'm a sucker for clutch bags/purses.

want to get eleanor one of these dolls. heck. i want one for myself!

love love love this print.

you should also know that i love old fashioned keys.

what are your favortie etsy shops? what inspires you?
happy saturday!


  1. I love old fashion keys to It reminds me of the Secret Garden. I am a hopeless romantic. hehehe

  2. Love that little doll, And LOVE the new header!! What a precious picture:)

  3. I just love that little doll too! It's soo cute! :)