Friday, May 20, 2011

love languages

you've all heard of love languages right?
just wondering what yours is? do you know your husband's love language? your childrens?

our church did a series on the five love languages a while ago, and it was simply wonderful. our MOPS group also did a workshop on exploring the five love languages of our children. did you know that when you know your spouse and children's love languages it brings you to a deeper level of communication with them? it allows you to be close in ways you never thought possible. 

the five love languages are:
quality time
words of affirmation
physical touch
acts of service
and gifts

if you don't know your love language (or your spouses' or kids') you can take this handy dandy quiz!

most people have one love language that edges out the others, but i had two that tied for first place:
words of affirmation and acts of service

when my husband praises me or tells me i'm beautiful, my "love tank" fills up. likewise when he does the dishes or takes out the trash (or changes diapers!)

quality time was third followed by physical touch and gifts.

michael jokingly says his love language is "foods of affirmation" because he absolutely loves when i go out of my way to cook or bake him something nice (like that chocolate cookie cheesecake below!) really, his is quality time, followed closely by physical touch.

eleanor's love language is totally physical touch. that girl wants hugs and high fives and hand holding all the time!

isaiah's is gifts. and i'm not talking big gifts. he is happy if i bring him home a $1 pack of stickers from the store. or if i give him a special snack when nona and jack are napping. and if he gets to have the hotwheels car out of the cheerios box...look out. boy is happy as a lark!

jackson is still so young (10 weeks old yesterday!) but he loves to be held. all the time. so i'm pegging him with physical touch for right now.

it'll be exciting to see how all of our love languages change over time. for instance, when we didn't have kids, my love language was quality time. now that i've been pregnant and given birth 3 times in 4 years, it means a lot more to me when my husband helps me out or tells me he thinks i'm beautiful.

what is your love language?


  1. Oh I love this post! My LL is words of affirmation, and my hubby's is physical touch...isn't it like that for most guys?;) Sweet pics of you and yours:)

  2. I love that book! The hubby and I read it and his love language is physical touch as well as mine ;). Words of affirmation was the second closest one.

    I have not read the childrens one. I need to get that one.

  3. I actually find that I have 2 love languages - one that I want to receive from others, and one that I tend to do for others.
    I love receiving words of affirmation, but I tend to give others gifts (specifically "food of affirmation" as Michael put it).
    Adam's not great at words of affirmation - but he always shows me he loves me through acts of service and physical touch - those are by far his two biggest ones.

  4. Oh mine is Quality Time.... second and close is acts of service. Since my husband works a lot... makes sense that having time with him would be high on my list. I had never taken that type of quiz or even thought about it... thanks!