Monday, May 16, 2011

things i'm lovin

i've been lovin these sseko sandals ever since i saw kim blog about them.

you can style the straps any way you want! and the straps are interchangeable!
the best part, with every pair you buy, you're helping a woman in Uganda attend university.

and i'm wanting another pair of TOMS. specifically the yellow stonewashed twill, or the natural burlap classics

also lovin the cute sundresses from F21. (although they are SO SHORT! what's up with that?!)

what spring styles are you loving?

ps-don't forget that tomorrow is tasty tuesday! post a recipe with me!


  1. Story of my life when I go to forever 21! DRESSES are so short. Don't get me wrong if I could sport it I would! ha. I am in need of a forever 21 trip WITHOUT kids. Emma is in heaven as well when we go there.

  2. the burlap toms look so cute!! And wow that dress is short, no thanks, I don't think the world wants to see my blubbery thighs!!! lol

  3. I'm loving the maxi dresses - the full length, cotton sundresses in bright prints - want one SO bad!

  4. I am hunting a cute sundress... I loved one so much - but it was too short too! What is up with this super short hem line?

  5. I love those sandals too... love.