Tuesday, May 3, 2011

what a weekend part 2

friday we got the kids ready and dropped them off for the weekend.
and then filled the car up with gas.

we drove an hour and a half to holland, whilst listening to a cd that i made for the trip. (little bit of paramore, anberlin, beck, david crowder, florence &the machine...) we opened up the sunroof and i soaked up some sun.

we stayed at City Flats Hotel in downtown Holland.

 lets talk about that amazing bed for a minute shall we? it was the most comfortable bed i've ever slept on. i'd read the reviews on how amazing they were, but they didnt even hit the tip of the iceberg.  whats more, people  love the beds so much that they sell the bedding (and towels)! not  that i'd pay $250 for a sheet set. i'm sure i can get bamboo sheets cheaper elsewhere (and i will be getting bamboo sheets! it was like sleeping on butter!) also, that shower was SO RAD. had a temperature setting, so i was able to take a 110 degree shower that night!

after unpacking our things, we headed out to Curragh Irish Pub for dinner. my friend Toni Jo had mentioned to me that they have wonderful blackened salmon with strawberry cashew butter, and ever the salmon lover, that's what i ordered! mike got the Guinness fish & chips and the Guinness cheese soup! that soup was SO YUM!

we browsed the shops downtown for a bit afterwards, then headed back to the hotel, where i took my scalding hot shower and collapsed into a blissful coma on the bed.

till next time!


  1. Nice!! I'm so glad you had a getaway!!

  2. How fun and relaxing! The food looks so good! Glad you two had an amzing getaway =)

  3. What a neat hotel room... I love great hotel beds. Yummy food too. I need to get out little one a backpack for her trips way.

  4. That hotel looks GORGEOUS! I really want to go there for our anniversary! I looked them up on line, but I couldn't find a price on their site anywhere :/ you should FB message me and tell me ... I imagine they're fairly expensive...

  5. What a fantastic get away and beds are awesome at some places and sometimes just feel nicer because we don't have to hurry out of them in the morning to get the kiddos;0. So glad you guys had a great time!

  6. All those pictures of the food made me super hungry! And that hotel looks so super cozy!! What a great get-a-way!