Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hey y'all! today i'm being featured on the lovely Mandy's blog as one of her June sponsors!
she pretty much wonderful. her sweet little lily is only a week older than jackson. go leave her some love.

She Breathes Deeply

tomorrow i leave for my weekned getaway to maryland to visit my mama judy! i'll make sure to take lots of pictures whlie i'm away!

things i'm looking foward to on my trip:
catching up with friends
fresh seafood
family bbq
visiting a tea room
chillaxing by the pool
cruising in the convertible
going to my first costco ever!

what are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. first costco ever?? Girl you are in for a treat!!! Can't wait to see all the pics!

  2. oh how exciting to go visit fam!! I hope you have a fantastic time!

  3. First costco ever???!! DUDE! You shall love it..That is..if it's not super packed...Try to go early and not on the weekend... Have a great weekend!
    I'm looking forward to not dying on a possible shooting/hike trip with my hubaloo on Sunday... Guns scare me!
    Janette, the Jongleur

  4. I clicked on you from Mandy's at SheBreathesDeeply. I also do Tasty Tuesdays! Word alliteration makes blog post titles easier I think.