Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tasty tuesday/MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

everything tastes better on the grill doesnt it? (yes, even peaches)

one of my all time favorites is honey salmon. OM NOM NOM.

what you'll need:
salmon steaks
lemon pepper

season the salmon with lemon pepper and drizzle with honey. grill away! (reapeat when you flip the steaks)

for the peaches:
skin and slice your peaches
toss with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar
grill! (:

i served this with a side of saffron rice. the kids LOVED it. and they ate their salmon with their hands, despite my insistance on them using their flatware.

i feel wonderful that i've exposed my kids to different foods at a young age. they love most everything. (with the exception of green beans) don't get me wrong, they love regular "kid" food too (pb&j, mac&cheese, cheese-its, hot dogs), but i win a small victory when my kids ask for more fruit and veggies instead of crackers and cookies. and when they go to the fridge for water (instead of juice), be still my beating heart!

In other exciting news...i'm hosting my first giveaway over at Yellow Songbird!!!
kim is one of my favorite bloggers ever, and i have several of her super cute trio rosette headbands. i'm so excited to be giving away a $15 shop credit to her shop: Oh, Sweet Joy!

i can't wait to try your recipes this week! grab a button and link up, won't you?

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  1. my husband and i were talking over breakfast this morning about how everything tastes better grilled. :)

  2. Grilled peaches! I have never seen that before but man it looks good:)

  3. Hey just wanted to say, I am a new follower :) And i clicked on your church link and was challenged by the service called Practical Atheist. I just blogged about it too :) God richly bless you!

  4. that looks YUMMY! found you through yellow songbird ;)