Sunday, September 11, 2011

jackson's 1/2 birthday!

can you believe jackson is already 6 months old?!
it doesn't seem possible to me.

jackson loves to eat. it's pretty much his favorite thing. he's 15 lbs now. he's been sleeping through the night for months. (yes, i know how lucky i am!) he's a total momma's boy.  a few days ago, he pushed himself up on his knees and rocked back and forth! tummy time has become a whole new adventure because of this. he laughs and squeals all the time. it's so adorable.

you can read jackson's birth story here.

i'm off to go snoogle my little mister now. he's growing way too fast.

have a wonderful sunday, friends.


  1. Happy 1/2 birthday to your smiley faced angel!!

  2. Happy 1/2 birthday precious angel!!!

  3. Holy schmoly! I think I remember following your blog a few months ago... Can't believe he is 6 months already! Aww what a cutie! I want one of my own!

    Janette the Jongleur