Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tasty tuesday {red robin burgers/birthday celebration}

{kristance ann and kayle mae}
isn't she beautiful? i still can't believe she's taller than me.

friday i took my youngest sister kayle out for her birthday. we hit up red robin, since she'd never been there. my go to burger is the banzai burger (teriyaki with grilled pineapple) YUM. i decided to try something different. enter:Oktoberfest burger. pretzel bun, swiss cheese, ham, beer mustard, grilled onions.

kayle ordered the guacamole bacon burger. she doused it in ketchup.

of course, dinner (without the kids!) isn't complete without some adult drinks!

we talked a lot. and we laughed. we agreed to go see each other more. and to not let our busy lives get in the way of our relationship.

happy tuesday, friends! what's your favorite burger topping?


  1. Yum those burgers look amazing! You and your sis are so cute:) my favorite burger topping is the lettuce and of course...miracle whip!!

  2. love that place. I go there for my birthday almost every year ha.

  3. The guacamole burger is the best! I get it every time :O)