Friday, October 28, 2011

fabulous friday: weekend plans!

i'm very much looking forward to this weekend! tonight i'm going out with my BFF sara to FOOD DANCE! and then tomorrow, i'm going to Toledo to go to the zoo with NESSA! (that's right, be jealous. i'm spending the day with one of my favorite blogger ladies EVER. not to mention her absolutely adorable little girl!)

things i'm thankful for this week:
all of my "moms"
COFFEE! (hallelujah!)
isaiah's speech progression (people other than me can understand what he is saying! YAY!)
my halloween socks from mama judy
my job (because it is mostly awesome)

things that brought me joy this week:
brown sugar maple coffeemate (try it andrea. you-will-LOVE-it!)
jackson said his FIRST WORD on sunday! (MOMMA!)
home cooked meals
seeing my kids laugh (yes, seeing them. their little faces just light up!)
the nasty ick that is going around has left our house!
long talks with my bestest after the kids go to bed

what are your weekend plans?

ps, today is national chocolate day! celebrate accordingly!


  1. Jackson is already saying words?!?!? Crazy kid!! And are you saying I need to try the coffeemate or you talking to a different andrea? Because I will!