Monday, December 12, 2011

hand quilted

i made this quilt. finished it last night!
it isn't perfect (the top two rows on the right somehow got switched. see how it doesn't make a diamond?), but i think it turned out pretty amazing.
it was handmade and hand tied with love.

i think isaiah is going to love unwrapping this big bundle on Christmas morning. i can't wait to see him snuggle down on the couch with it and watch Thomas.

my next venture is to make two of these quilts. with these sets of fabric:

what do you think?! (:

[a big thank-you to Chris for lending me her quilt-in-a-day book for a few months!]


  1. Gorgeous! Didn't know you were so talented!! LOVE the fabric you chose for the next one!

  2. Oh my!! I can't wait to see the next two. How beautiful and treasures they will keep forever.

  3. was it super hard? I have always wanted to make one!!!! And it was good seeing you in passing today!