Friday, January 20, 2012

good enough is the new perfect

i'm sitting on my kitchen counter right now. (yes, you heard me correctly.)
one hand typing, the other scooping forkfuls of pecan pie into my mouth.
all of my kidlets are in bed. the dishes are done. the laundry is sorted. dinner is cleaned up and leftovers put away. there is still so much that i need to be doing. but honestly, i don't care.

my house doesnt need to look perfect. yes, there are cheerios and cracker crumbs surrounding my table. yes, my kitchen floor needs a good scrubbing. yes, every inch of the playroom is covered in toys.

i used to think my house had to be perfect. when i did, i was frustrated and exhausted.
why? because i didnt have the time nor energy to work nearly full time, come home and be a mom full time, and do the majority of the housework on top of that. i started to think about what my priorities are.

my children.
(next to my relationship with the Lord, which is my first priority)

so yes, i put off vacuuming in favor of playing barbies with eleanor or trains with isaiah. yes, the dishes sit on the counter while we read Bible stories. yes, the laundry sits unfolded while we dance to david crowder band in the livingroom or sing our ABCs.

i don't have to have a perfect. i'm content with "good enough"


  1. Beautiful. You are a wonderful mama.

  2. That is some great stuff Kristance!

  3. That is actually the name of our book -- Good Enough Is the New Perfect! You might like it:)