Sunday, January 8, 2012

matthew thomas

this is Matthew.
perfect southern gentleman. (seriously, heart of GOLD)
motorcycle and car junkie.
total NERD.

i've known matthew since 2004, and we recently reconnected on facebook. we spend our time catching up and talking about food and music [mainly bluegrass]. we've deemed these talks "kitchen talks" (because they are the kind of talks you'd have with friends and family whilst hanging out in the kitchen) and they're pretty much wonderful.

since most of our time talking is spent talking about food, matthew gave me a collection of his family's recipes. i have to say, i was beyond excited by this and spent a whole evening (after i put the kids to bed) pouring over these treasures. this cookbook houses the recipe for his favorite cake ever.

applesauce spice cake.

come back tuesday for that recipe.

when was the last time you had a kitchen talk?

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