Monday, April 9, 2012

the hunt

saturday evening i stuffed over 150 plastic easter eggs. i "hid" them outside on sunday morning and brought the kids out to find them. Zay and Nona went wild collecting eggs, boxes of raisins, boxes of nerds, smarties...

i set moosie down by a tree that i had piled a bunch of eggs around and he right away started putting eggs in his basket. he didn't stop until his basket was full. afterwards, we went inside, cleaned up and ate a snack.
 Mike took the kids to his uncle dan's for easter dinner. i drove up to portage and stopped at Brann's Steakhouse for a burger. they had the tigers game on the big screen (they were playing boston...and WON) after that i hit up Barnes and Noble, bought an ASL dictionary, and some coffee.

the kids had just got back to the house when i got home, so i cuddled them and we did puzzles on the floor until they went to bed.

i hope your Easter was wonderful, loves!

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  1. that sounds so cute. i wish i could see kids doing egg hunts.