Friday, May 11, 2012

catching up

i know i've been gone for a while. i've been terribly busy with working full time, being a mommy full time, and being in the hospital. i know y'all understand.

since my last post, i've been to Maryland and back! it was a wonderful trip filled with joy and adventures. i spent time with my momma Judy, papa Don, Aaron, and adorable miss Adalynn. on Saturday evening Aaron and I drove down to Solomon's Island and ate at Stoney's on the Pier. It was beautiful and i had the most delicious crab Monte Cristo on the face of the earth.

i'm still recovering from my surgery last weekend. (my kidneys still hurt/ache something fierce) turns out that spinach (which i eat a ton of) has a ton of oxalates that my body turns into kidney stones. tea does the same thing to me. i've limited my tea intake since i started getting stones 8 years ago, but i had no idea that something as healthy as spinach could give me stones! i'm a little sad devastated that i'm going to have to mostly cut spinach out of my diet.

on that note, have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. Tea and spinach can cause kidney stones?!?! What?