Tuesday, January 18, 2011

getting cozy with my coffee

isn't this coffee cozy adorable? my friend Mickey makes them, along with a host of other cute things, which you can find on her etsy store. As soon as i saw them on her blog (you can click on her button on the left side of my blog...the one called "everyday lovelys") i knew i had to have one. so i ordered one off her etsy, and the 2 days later i was in posession of this cute yellow coffee cozy! (she has different colors, and even makes one for guys with a 'stache on the front!) i've also purchased several of her hairbows and clips for eleanor. She sells them on her etsy shop as well as Ambrosia Vae Baby Boutique in three rivers. here are three things i love: coffee, antique yellow, and handmade items. this is the most perfect "i just got vommited on and i need something to make my saturday better" gifts that i have ever purchased for myself. and for $5, i think i'll get some more.

**a quick update on my glucose test from last week. my OBs office called and let me know (after we played phone tag all weekend) that my blood sugar was 254 (anything above 140 is elevated). so i had to go and do a fasting blood sugar this morning, and they also wanted to check my a1cs. and then i had a doctors appt scheduled for this afternoon. the office called and let me know that my appt was cancelled because Dr.Mambi was in surgery at the hospital and would likely be there the rest of the day. i asked what my labs were this morning, and my blood sugar was 135 (they like the fasting sugar to be under 90) and my a1cs were 6.2 (they should be running 3.1-4.8) so i'll be seeing the doctor next tuesday for my regularly scheduled appointment, and we'll see how it goes from there. for now, i'm counting carbs and working for the next 6 days straight.

alliwanttodoiseatabagofcheetos. so i'm drinking a glass of water instead.
the snooples and i went out to breakfast with Sara this morning, and Isaiah puked all over himself (and Luigi). i thought that he probably just had an upset stomach because he chugged 2 sippy cups full of milk before we left the house, but when we got home, both of the kids had diarhea. big time. they took a 2 hour nap and seem to be fine despite having to have their diaper changed every 10 minutes. Michael isn't feeling well, and he already went to bed. i hope they aren't coming down with something. :(

be blessed!

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  1. Oh I love that you posted about the cozy! WOO HOO!

    I hate having to watch what we eat when pregnant. It totally sucks. Shouldn't be this way!!!!