Sunday, January 16, 2011

a journey to lifted spirits

mystery will be here in 10 weeks (possibly less!) and yesterday was one of those days where i was just feeling every bit of 29 weeks pregnant. i just felt -bleh- all day long. i was hugging on the kids in the morning, and eleanor vommited popcorn all over me. in my hair, down my back, in my shirt (you get the picture). she's not sick, i think it was a combination of  the drainage from her runny nose, and the amount of popcorn she had eaten out of her christmas popcorn tin that morning. motherhood is truely a wonderful thing. <3
as i am cleaning her, myself, and the floor up, i forgot to pick Ginny up for work! (so so so very very sorry, ginny!) she had tried calling a few times but my phone was on silent (like it is most of the time) and was on the charger in the bedroom. it was almost 2 hours later before i got her messages and i felt horrible. :(
a this point it's almost 1pm and i am still in my pajamas. now, i am not the type of person who stays in their pjs all day. ever. so, as you can see, i was having a rough kind of day. i got changed into some regular clothes, and fed the kids lunch. then i put them down for their nap. i sat at the table looking at the stack of dirty plates sitting on my kitchen counter and tried to muster up the energy to do them. let's just say that they sat there...all day. (michael washed them when he got home)
i then remembered that there was a chance that i was going out with Toni Jo, and i figured i should look presentable. i thought some tea sounded nice in the meantime, so i put the kettle on to boil and i wet my hair down (the bedhead was not rockin yesterday) then i got out the blow dryer. i haven't used my blow dryer in over a year. as i was blow drying my hair, i started to feel better. my spirits were starting to lift, and i though "what the heck? i'll put some make up on too."

here are my essentials:
liquid eye liner, black pencil eye liner, mary kay makeup brushes, gold shimmer powder, mascara, glasses, cell phone, and loose leaf "sweet caitlin" blend tea
isn't this tea just beautiful? you can purchase it at the chocola-tea company in portage (or online)
i sipped my tea, and applied my makeup (like my sister in law kathie taught me to! she would be so proud!) then i put a cute flower hair clip in my hair:
Lorijo Nerad makes some of the cutest accessories i've ever seen/worn!

this was the finished product. not bad for someone who wanted to stay hidden under the blankets most of the day! spirits lifted, i got in touch with Toni Jo and we went out to Paisanos for drinks. Dr.Pepper for her, an arnold palmer for me. and we talked. and talked. and talked some more. (honestly, it didn't feel like we talked for 2 hours, but we did!) she drove me home, and we sat in her car and talked for a few more minutes. she then prayed one of the most beautiful, powerful, wonderful prayers over myself and my family. she is such a rare and genuine person. i am so blessed to have her as one of my friends.
with that said, these were the steps on my journey to lifted spirits:
getting gussied up
loose leaf tea
cute hair bows
girl time
long conversations

i ended the night looking like this:

enjoying the little things in life,


  1. I LOVE that God takes care of us like this! You look beautiful and so relaxed. It makes me happy too! Love you. Your Mama Trish!

  2. Ohhh and is that a little black dress? I like that too!