Thursday, January 13, 2011

mystery's big reveal

here are some pictures of my sweet mystery baby's face.

let me tell you all about my ultrasound today!
we arrived at the hospital around 10:40 to get registered and to start my glucose test. my ultrasound was scheduled for 11am. i drink the orange flavored sugar concentrate, which immediatley gives me raging heart burn. seriously, i felt like a dragon who was going to start breathing fire at any moment. we are directed to the waiting room for xray and ultrasound where we waited.
the ultrasound tech, a wonderful girl named Tonya, came and got us a few minutes later and took us to our ultrasound room. the ultrasound began with the normal stuff. measuring baby's bones, belly and head. she got a few pictures of mystery's face, after she got baby to move it's arms. mystery wanted to be all curled up with its arms crossed in front of it's face. i am laying there in total anticipation for then end of the session! the big reveal!

is mystery a boy or a girl?!!
mystery's butt was right at the very bottom of my uterus. so, after a little bit of manuvering, Tonya gets to where the evidence should be. except that mystery has it's legs crossed! "this is not happening" i thought to myself as she tried to manuver the wand to get a look inbetween baby's legs. mystery refused to cooperate. Tonya suggests that i try to go to the bathroom and see if baby will move any. i hopped up off the table and marched straight to the bathroom. business done, i return, praying to the Lord that if it's His will, we would really really really like to know what mystery baby is!
Tonya goes back to work, and soon says, " kind of looks like it's a girl.......wait. i think i just saw some boy parts...." i looked at michael who was just shaking his head in amusement. Tonya tried for a few more minutes to get mystery to open it's little legs before she said, "sorry guys, i just can't say for sure if you're having a boy or a girl. i thought it was a girl, and then baby would move it's legs a little bit and i thought i glimpsed boy parts a few times...i just can't tell you for sure."
mystery remains a mystery.
yes i was frustrated. yes i was a little disappointed. but mystery is healthy, and happy. (you should have seen baby dance!) in the end, that's all that matters.

michael and i have both felt at times that the Lord doesn't/didn't want us to know what mystery is. and now we really know that the Lord doesn't want us to know. we're ok with that!

i am measuring 29 weeks and 6 days (i turn 29 weeks on monday) so the tech said that they might move my due date up. also, mystery is 3pounds and 2ounces. (big baby!) and the heartbeat was 143 today.
i'll let y'all know around the end of march what mystery is! :)

embracing the mystery,


  1. u really need to consider the name Mystery* I love it and It seems to fit this little charactor:), Glad everyone is doing good!

  2. So this sweet little person is going to be adventurous and intriguing!! I think we have lots to look forward to! :o)

  3. Okay, so maybe God doesn't want Michael or you to know what Mystery is, but can't He tell me?!? LOL. I don't think so, I think He knows that I'd spill the beans...

  4. Such a precious story of the precious little one you are carrying......God works in MYSTERIOUS ways!! for sure!!

  5. As long as little mystery is healthy! God is good!!!! Babies can even be stubborn little things in the womb! :)