Monday, January 10, 2011

week long late night cravings

i've been craving stir fry for about a week now. i even bought stuff to make it last week, but i never got around to it. tonight when i got off work, i told myself that i was going to have the stir fry that i've been wanting, so i bought some pork (and new sippy cups for the kids) and drove home.
i got home and went to work on my stir fry right away.

you'll need:
meat (pork, chicken, beef or shrimp)
stir fry veggies (fresh or frozen)
stir fry sauce

cook your meat in a lightly oiled skillet (or wok) on med high heat. (i used 2 skillets because we had a lot of meat. and the less crowded the meat is, the faster it cooks.)
after your meat is cooked, cook your veggies over med high heat until desired tenderness. we cooked ours about 7 minutes. (they were frozen)
while your veggies are cooking, make some rice. brown or white, it doesn't matter. if you are using rice that you actually have to cook (and not minute rice like we used) you'll want to start  your rice before everything else.
when your veggies are done, add the meat and pour on the stir fry sauce.
serve over rice and feed to your super picky husband. just tell him it's pizza flavored, he'll love it!

now that mystery and i are full, we're feeling kind of sleepy. i think i'll cash in that 20 minute footrub coupon that i got a few years ago, and climb into bed. the matthew family has a long few days ahead of us.


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