Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jedi bears, sliders, and my boys

today, isaiah and i went up to his doctor's appointment with the specialist in kalamazoo.(eleanor spent the day with my sister) they checked his hearing, and ears/nose/throat. one doctor asked if he snored, and when i told him yes, he kind of laughed and said that isaiah had really big tonsils. then the other doctor came in to get us for his hearing test. she came in and tried talking to isaiah and tried asking him questions, ("who's your friend?" "is your name isaiah?" "can i hold your friend mario?" "what color is mario's hat?") when she had his attention, he would respond to her, but he kept getting distracted by all of the other things in the room. she said, "i bet you have your hands full." i said, "most of the time, yeah." her eyes got really wide, and she said, "only most of the time?" i thought to myself, lady, you don't even know!
we went to a different room for his hearing test, which consisted of me speaking to him in a loud/normal/soft voice. she also did this with him, but he responded better to me. then we got out flashcards and were asking him to pick out certain things (book, fish, ball, ect) and asking him what things were so he would say some words. after all of this, the doctor says to me, "well there is no doubt that his hearing is fine, and he is a very smart little boy. he can pronounce sounds and words when you have his attention. the problem is keeping that attention. he is very easily distracted. i believe this is more along the lines of ADD/ADHD."
so they are referring us back to our pediatrician who will in turn refer us to someone else.

after that, we went to Build a Bear at the mall to get isaiah's camoflage bear (general bear bear) a new outfit. i was on a mission to get the batman one i saw there last time we went,but they didn't have it anymore. i was disappointed because as many of you know, in the matthew house, batman is a big thing. i was browsing the racks, when i cam across some star wars outfits. they had darth vader, jedi, storm trooper, and C3PO. isaiah grabbed ahold of the jedi knight costume and didn't let go. i think he wanted it so much because it has a light saber. he loves to play with the light sabers for our wii too. after BAB, we stopped by auntie anne's and got some pretzel sticks. isaiah loves the sweet mustard "dunk dunk". i called mike on my way home to see if he wanted to go out to dinner with isaiah and i, and we decided to go to brewsters.
what is it with men being captivated by TVs at resturaunts? (brewsters have TVs set into the wall at each booth.) i am not a fan of this. plus the people in the booth behind us were blaring the simpsons on their TV. eww. good thing they left right when our food got there!
isaiah enjoyed his fries and chicken strips with ranch "dunk dunk" jedi bear bear watches with a look of longing on his face.
michael got a "garbage burger" it's a 1/2lb burger topped with bacon, ham, american, swiss and mozzarella.
i ordered the applewood smoked beef brisket sliders. they came with this delicious sweet chipotle bbq sauce. i could only eat 2 of them before i was stuffed. they were only $6.99!

so all in all, brewsters was good. (that is, after the people behind us turned off their TV and left) our bill only came to $20.07! we'll go back again. and next time, eleanor will be with us! we then drove to the church where nikia met us and returned eleanor. we had starting point tonight. it was wonderful.

we're all ready for sleep, now. tomorrow will be busy too. i have my first doctor's appt with my new OB at 11am.
isaiah and jedi bear bear bid you good night!

life is an adventure!


  1. It sounds like a very good day! It's nice to know that Isaiah's hearing is okay. We will keep praying for him and whatever he needs to help him be successful. Love you guys. :o)

  2. I have the same problem with TV's at restaurants - mostly because they usually have sports on. No matter what sport/team is on, Adam gets glued to the TV - I usually have to speak several times before he hears me :P