Wednesday, February 2, 2011

31 weeks and the names!

i turned 31 weeks on monday! YAY!
that means i only have about 7 weeks left of this pregnancy (because they will do my csection approximatley 2 weeks early) isn't mystery cute?

we've had our boy name picked out for a while, but we keep going back and forth on our girl name. we were originally going to use "Evelyn Jewel" (because i LOVE the name evelyn and jewel was my mom's name) but we decided that we didn't want both of the girls (if mystery IS a girl) to have names that start with "e". after throwing around several other names, we've settled on one that i think will be very fitting.

Talia Lyonesse
(pronounced ta-lee-uh  leah-ness)
Jackson Henry

Talia has two different meanings that we've come across:
"lamb" in aramaic and "morning dew" in hebrew
Lyonesse is celtic for "little lion"

Jackson is pretty self explanitory (son of jack)
Henry is german for "ruler of the home"

of course, we might swap "Jewel" for "Lyonesse". you never know. but this mystery inside of me is a "little lion"
love love love!
-kristance ann


  1. Names are so hard to decide! I keep throwing out other names, but they don't fit well. I get worried that Allie won't look like an Allie! I feel like girl names are much harder to decide on! LOVE the names though!!!!!

  2. I've always loved the name Talia! Really cute choices and cute belly!

  3. Love the names....I think I like Jewel a little more than lyonesse but they both sound pretty. So exciting :)