Friday, February 4, 2011


what is something you would like to change about yourself for the better?

that'd be to get this dang awful blood sugar down and under control, folks! i'm met with my nutritionist yesterday and she put me on a strict eat-this-many-carbs-per-meal plan. because apparently, i'm not eating enough carbs and that is why my blood sugar is so high and won't stabilize. she told me (very kindly) that i eat "like an 80 year old woman who is waiting to die" she informed me that i need to eat more often as well as slightly larger portions at meals. also that i need to be adding more calcium to my diet, because mystery is leaching it out of me. this is a little bit amusing to me because i feel like i eat ALL THE TIME. sure i haven't gained any weight this pregnancy, but it's not from lack of trying. trust me.

do i see my diabetes as a burden? no. i see it as an opportunity. an opportunity to make healthy changes for myself and for mystery. because mystery suffers if i don't get control of this right quick.

i have noticed since i've eaten a ton of carbs today (good carbs, not empty ones!) that i don't feel as tired as i usually do. i always attributed my tiredness to pregnancy and motherhood, never knowing that what i ate (or didn't eat) affected it. this is a learning process for me, and i'm enjoying the journey.

i'm off to have my before bed snack now!

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  1. Good job! Yay for carbs.!!!! I love that it is making you feel better and that mystery will benefit too. :o) Love you.