Tuesday, February 8, 2011

mystery's big reveal.....f'real!

(that's my hubby, michael.)

i went in for my 32 week check up today, expecting much of the same ol same ol. checking baby's heartbeat (171BPM), talking about my diet and blood sugars (which are on the decilne, but still high), blah blah blah. well, i slipped on a big patch of ice this morning on my way out to the truck to go to MOPS. in my defense, how was i supposed to know that there was going to be a HUGE patch of ice in front of the door? there wasn't any snow or ice on the sidewalk! and YES, i did have to be wearing my heels, girl's gotta look cute! not that it matters now, because one of them is scuffed all to heck. along with my foot, shin, and both palms... anyway, they did a NST (non stress test) to monitor mystery at the appointment for precaution and then sent me over for an ultrasound (also for precaution) i was by myself, because mike was home with the kids, and i wasn't planning on having an ultrasound, so there was NO time for him to come to the hospital.

and apparently, i'll be having an ultrasound every friday and an appt and NST every tuesday (until i deliver) because of my diabetes. fun times. haha.

so i mosy on over to the xray department and who come to do my ultrasound? miss Tonya! the lovely girl who did my last ultrasound! YAY! she remembered what happened and the ensuing dissappointment, and vowed to do her best to see if she could let me know what mystery is.

are you ready for it?!!!
mystery is our (not so little: 5lb 11oz so far)



  1. Yay, Congrats, love the name!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! Its so fun to have A girl to dress up in all ribbons and bows:)

  3. SO EXCITED!!! Yaay for girls! I wanted to chat today at MOPS but I was late....like always!!!!!! BAH. Another time!

  4. Beautiful name for sweet baby girl!! I am excited for you guys. It will be so fun for Eleanor to have a little sister.............You didn't mention to me the fall when I phoned your earlier. Oh my goodness...I hope your are feeling okay. Yay God for healthy momma and baby Talia Jewel.....I love her name. I look forward to meeting your momma's namesake. Love you. :o)