Tuesday, February 15, 2011

letter to eleanor

P31:day 16
write a letter to your daughter and tell her what beauty means/is

dear eleanor zao jean-
beauty is:
~your heart
~being who God created you to be
~bringing poppa and i your storybook Bible and saying, "Bible! read, pwease?!" every half hour all day long.
~seeing you dancing to worship music
~the way you sleep
~the way you're already living up to your middle name (zao=spiritually alive) and you're only 2 years old.

beauty means following God's plan for you, and not apologizing to anyone for it.
the Lord is going to use you in mighty ways.
i love you boo boo.


  1. That's beautiful, Kristance. You made me cry... what better thing to say to your daughter...

  2. So Sweet I just love that picture too..(copy Please). What a Beauty she is!