Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fashion, personality, comfort food

mwahaha. this should be an interesting post.

day 14:post an outfit pic
(i WOULD if i could find my camera! grr!)
i'm currently LOVING my new red TOMS slipons
(michael bought them for me!) we love toms because for each pair of shoes you buy, toms provides a brand new pair of shoes for a child in need. visit their website at

day 18:describe your personality


day 19: write about your favorite comfort food
that would be chocolate. and bacon. and everything fried.
aka-chocolate covered bacon!
YUM. don't knock it till you try it guys. it's the perfect sweet/salty combination!



  1. SPUNKY!!!!!! Love it!! Love you!! :o)

  2. Mmm ... chocolate is DEFINITELY my comfort food ... and popcorn (homemade) ... and pasta ... and oatmeal ... and peanut butter sandwiches ... and ...

  3. thoes shoes look amazing!!! and so comfy...