Thursday, February 24, 2011

mystery's final reveal...i hope

shall we just say that this past week has been..(what's the word i'm looking for?)...interesting!
that will have to suffice, because my brain can't handle thinking about  it any longer.

tuesday i had a doctors appt at MFM, the high risk clinic in kalamazoo. my friend sara went with me because i don't like to go places by myself, and mike had to work. i had an ultrasound before i saw the doctor, and he kindly informed us that we were in fact having a BOY. NOT A GIRL! needless to say, i'm still in a little bit of shock.
(yes, our ultrasound tech doesn't quite understand how the girl at three rivers hospital missed that!)
*ahem* so we will now be welcoming Jackson Henry around March 25th. maybe a little sooner because he is HUGE. he weighed 7lbs even at my ultrasound. (they say give or take a pound either way)

besides that shocker, things are falling into place nicely. we purchased a crib and dresser with a built in changing table, a new rear facing carseat, some bottles (even though i'm going to nurse), and one outfit. i'm planning on hitting up our MOPs group's mom2mom sale in a few weeks to snag a bunch more clothes.

i've had some nasty braxton hicks contractions today, and well, i really did not enjoy them. part of me is ready for baby boy to be here so i can stop being pregnant and feeling stretched out all the time. the other part of me is determined to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy because i know it's going to be my last. (i'm having a tubal ligation with my cesarean.) this is the battle i have with myself. i should know by now (since this is my third pregnancy) that the last few weeks are uncomfortable. so if you think of it, say a little prayer for me and baby jackson.



  1. I hope you feel lots better soon. I am praying for you and little(big) Jackson. Love you honey.

  2. AAAHHH!!!!! Its a Boy!!!! Wow! Thats crazy:) eeek all the best!

  3. *insert sarcastic comment about the incompetency of Three Rivers Hospital here*

  4. Hey there! I use a Nikon Coolpix L110. Nothing great or fancy (only $200) but it works...for now;)

  5. SO crazy that little mystery is a boy, but such a fun story to tell! I am totally with you on wanting to be done being pregnant. I don't know how my body will make it another month! Praying for you!!!!