Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 weeks and counting

so we've been trying to get my csetion scheduled for a while now, and FINALLY at my appointment on monday, it happened. it's scheduled for March 30th, which is my birthday. happy 25th to me! now, this is only 6 days before my due date, so i could go into labor before then (which i'm beginning to think would be awesome) i don't mind sharing my birthday with jackson, but i'm really ready to be done being pregnant. you know what i mean? so my three week countdown begins.

needless to say i've been in full nesting mode (much to my husband's displeasure, because it means extra work for him...and sometimes i don't ask nicely). the nursery is ready to go, not that jackson will sleep in there at first (we co-sleep with our babies the first few weeks. makes it easier for me because i nurse) and the rest of the house is clean(ish) clean as it can be with two rambuncious toddlers running around in it all day. speaking of those snoopley kids, they both got haircuts the other day!
michael wanted eleanor to have a cute little bob. so that's what she got.
(i didn't want to cut her hair, i just wanted to trim her bangs so they weren't hanging in her face.)
i'm glad we cut it all. she looks like a little girl now.
isaiah's faux-hawk. too awesome.

back to nesting, i have about 50 lists laying around. for what you ask?
-things i need to get done before jackson gets here
-things we need to get for jackson
-people for my sister to call after jackson is born
-things to pack for the hospital
and so on and so forth...i think i might try to consolidate those lists tonight. did i mention i LOVE to make lists? i do. yeah, i'm weird like that.

on another note, i hope these braxton hicks contractions are doing their job, because if they're not, and i still have 3 weeks, they can just go away. thankyouverymuch.

maybe i'll go soak in the bathtub now. and eat some strawberries. (they were on sale $1 for 2qts at the store) YUM.

on another side note: i ordered some babylegs leg warmers from and i got them super fast. (3 days total. ordered on thursday, got them on monday) and they have free shipping. also, these were super discounted. $6/pair! as you can see, they look super cute on eleanor's hammies, and you adults can use them as arm warmers! even isaiah loved to wear them under his shorts. and they sent me a free chapstick as a gift.

trying to treasure these last days,

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  1. Totally with you on the lists. I feel overwhelmed when I look at them but I love them. Love hate relationship!