Monday, March 28, 2011

comfort food

today i made a soup that i've been dying to make for quite a while now. Pioneer Woman's Tomato Basil soup. i was thinking about serving it with grilled cheese on crusty french bread, but my husband LOVES pizza, so i decided to serve it with pizza pockets instead.

andrea over at "life won't wait" posted this recipe last week, and they are delicious! click here for the recipe. you can used pizza dough from the pouch at the store, but i made PW's pizza dough (super simple and easy) you can find it at the beginning of this recipe.

click here for the soup recipe.
i didn't add the sherry. why? because i didnt want to go buy a bottle of it to make soup with. let me tell you it is delicious without it.

happy feasting!

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  1. MMmm looks like the pockets turned out great!!! And the soup looks amazing too:)