Sunday, March 27, 2011

girls will be girls

my mom senses were going off at the utter quiteness of eleanor while i was nursing jackson. i figured she was in our bedroom (where she knows she's not supposed to be) after calling her name a few times with no response, i laid jackson down (he was done eating by now) and went on the hunt for her.

she was in our bedroom all right, with my Mary Kay compact out on our bed. she looked up at me and burst into tears. i thought, "yep, you know you're being naughty." good thing this compact is 3 or so years old. it's also a good thing that i was planning on washing the bedding today.


  1. I'm smiling here. It is interesting that she cried when she saw you...she so knew that she wasn't supposed to be there and yet there she was!! I think that is sort of like how God "catches" us sometimes!!.....Sweet baby girl! :o)

  2. why do they get into things when we are nursing? Emma got into NAIL POLISH yesterday! UG. Girls.