Friday, March 25, 2011

Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls!

there is probably something you should know about me...i LOVE to bake. what's more is i love to give my baked goods away. also, i will use anything (and i do mean anything) as an excuse to bake something.

so today, jackson had (another) doctors appointment and labs done to check his bilirubin levels. they've been going up a little each time we go get labs done which has been every two days since we came home from the hospital. i was informed yesterday by our friendly nurse cassie that if they reached 20, he would have to be put on the phototherapy blanket to assist them in going down. i know it wouldn't be the end of the world, but i really didn't want him to have to use the bili blanket. anyway, we got his labs done this morning and then took him to his appointment. he weighed 7lbs 12oz, which puts him almost back up to his birth wieght of 8lbs 4 oz. YAY! also, his bili levels dropped slightly! double YAY! we still have to go back for labs again on monday just to make sure they're on the decline.

which brings me to PW's cinnamon rolls. what's the occasion? jack's bilirubin levels going down! (told you i'd use anything as an excuse!) i am fortunate enough to have a wonderful friend from arizona that i met on a message board who sent me a $10 Borders gift card for Christmas this past year. i used that gift card to buy this cookbook (love you bunches Jae!):

this cookbook is full of tasty noms. seriously. i don't think there is anything in here that i wouldn't eat. well, except the burgandy mushrooms.

 after i got back from the store with my supplies, we fed the kids, put them down for their nap, and mike left for work. i fed jackson and then we took a nap on the bed together. an hour and a half later, i got myself and the kids up, and put on some worship music. Loralee brought dinner over (bless her!) and while the kids were eating i began making the dough for the cinnamon rolls.

later my kitchen table looked like this:
(yes that coffee mug is full of BUTTER! om nom nom!)
butter is your best friend!
these beauties are waiting to go in their buttered pans!
after they've come out of a 375 degree oven for 15 minutes. and why yes, that does happen to be maple icing! YUM! (this recipe made 6 pans of rolls. that's 8-9 rolls per pan)

you can find the recipe right here. however, i would encourage you to just buy the cookbook.
Ree (that's the pioneer woman) also has a wonderful blog/website she does lots of wonderful give aways and even has a webpage called tasty kitchen where people share their recipes! check it out!

i'm going to go eat myself into a cinnamon roll coma now.


  1. TOTALLY agree with you about baking. I love baking, will find any excuse to do so, and the best part is being able to give it away and spread happiness to others :O)
    ...and I need to try this recipe, they look AMAZING.

  2. Oh yum! I used to make cinnamon rolls every week when I baked bread but I hardly ever bake bread anymore:( Those look DELICIOUS!!

  3. these look amazing! Where do you find time to make these amazing things? I am going crazy finding time to eat a sandwich!