Thursday, March 24, 2011

new do!

as i hinted at yesterday, i wanted to do something totally obnoxious to my hair this afternoon.
(i deserve it after spending over an hour at the DMV this morning! uggh.)
the color i had in mind was hayley-from-paramore red. (which is really more orange than red) i just feel stuck in this "new mom" rut. or maybe it's a middle child thing. who knows?

at any rate, the salon didn't have that shade or red, so i ended up going with a copper color with some blonde fringe around my face. also got a little trim and style.


after! the inside lighting really doesn't do the color justice...
inside with some light from the patio..
outside in all of it's gingery-coppery awesomeness!

now i'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather with the kids!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It looks gorgeous on you :O)

  2. You look beautiful!! I like it a lot! I didn't realize how long the front of your hair was!! It was so good to see you guys really are looking gorgeous. :o)

  3. Kristance, you are so beautiful!! Love the new do!