Wednesday, March 23, 2011

apple crisp and button love

so, i totally made a (small) pan of apple crisp tonight. i had mine with butter pecan ice cream, mike had his with chocolate. you know what i love about apple crisp? it's such a forgiving dessert to make! i don't think you can screw it up. i never use a recipe, i just eyeball everything. it always turns out amazing. want to know a secret? i usually just mix my apples with sugar and cinnamon, but tonight i added some ground cloves and nutmeg. YUM. it was just what i needed. also, i love eating desserts out of my coffee mug. it just dresses it up a little. i use that coffee mug for everything! soup, salad, coffee, get the idea.
on a semi related note, i discovered that i don't like butter pecan ice cream tonight.

also, i've been admiring (and collecting) everyone's cute little blog buttons and decided to make one myself.
(andrea, i thought you had one..but i couldn't find it!)
feel free to grab's on the right. i will probably make another one when i get around to editing some photos...or maybe not. who knows?

have a wonderful night y'all.
i think i'm going to get my hair dyed an obnoxious shade of orangish red tomorrow.


  1. Andrea as in me?? Ya I had one but I accidently deleted it from photobucket...BUMMER! I've been meaning to fix it so maybe one of these days....Thanx for thinking of me dear!