Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a good cry and boosted self esteem

today was just one of those days. you know what i mean?
nothing was wrong, but i was totally missing my mom today. now normally i don't cry about it (she's been gone for nearly 7 years now), but today i found myself curled up in a ball on the bed for a good 45 minutes bawling my eyes out. and yes, there was snot everywhere. i'm going to blame it on my hormones and call it good. i texted my sisters, and teryn came to the rescue.

(isn't she pretty? she's getting married this summer!)
she knows i love pearls, so she set out to make me some earrings, and a hair clip. she texted me picutes, they're so beautiful. can't wait to get them in the mail.

after i peeled myself out of bed, i threw on some clothes and noticed that my smallest pair of jeans were a little too big. so i stepped on the scale in the bathroom and to my absolute joy, saw that i've lost 28lbs in a little under two weeks! YAY. so, that boosted my self esteem a whole lot. after a red eyed snot filled morning, it's just what i needed. now, i have an excuse to go shopping for some cute slacks.

and now, some pictures of my sweet babies!

hope your day has been wonderful!


  1. 28 lbs in TWO WEEKS???? What did you do?? And I didn't know your mom was gone...I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon...

  2. This post brings tears to my is so sad that your momma isn't here for you girls. I noticed in this picture that she did have slight dimples by the way...I thought so. It is neat that you could touch base with your sisters and that Teryn made your day! Yay for the weight are lookin good!! The pics of the kiddos are fun. I hope your day is going well by now. Love you honey.

  3. Kristance-

    Hang in there honey. You are probably are right that hormones are playing a large part of where you are emotionally but you have every right to miss your momma. She was so important to you and has been gone so long...

    Bless you as you remain strong, loving her, loving your husband and your children. She would be so proud.

    Who is Teryn marrying?

    Thanks for updating on blog, I love to follow your story. Give Kayle some love for me...