Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hubby Thursday

today i'm linking up with Our Extraordinary Life for hubby thursdays!

this is the most recent picture of Michael and I.
(taken when jackson was 9 days old)

now for a picture of my husband that i love:

december 2004. this picture was taken right before we started dating. he was in a metal band, and i was the merch girl. i fell hard and fast for the boy with the long hair, girl jeans and heart for Jesus.

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  1. AWESOME!!! I love these two pictures!! Love the part you said, " I fell hard for the boy in the long hair, girl jeans, and (best part) heart for jesus." haha! I love it! Thanks for linking up!!!!

  2. awww sweet new baby shot!! love it!

  3. What a lovely photo and everyone looks sooooo happy!
    In reply to your question on my blog of course I would be delighted to send out to the States but I need to check prices at the Post Office tomorrow. Please e-mail me direct, my address is on my website on the contact me page. Looking forward to hearing from you and delighted you like my work AND even happier it could be winging it's way to you!

  4. oh i'm going to check that out!