Friday, April 8, 2011

momma in focus friday

this week's theme word was YELLOW!
(can't tell you how excited i was about this because i knew i could use our super awesome family photos for this week's picture!)

(eleanor always runs to momma when she's sleepy)

Eleanor's yellow dress, Isaiah's grey&yellow polo, Mike's yellow button down, Jack's grey onesie, and my grey shirt are all from Old Navy. (and i got everything on either on clearance or on sale!)

join us! click the link below!
One Day At A Time


  1. You are a very beautiful Momma!!! these are awesome pictures:)

  2. Oh - these are such sweet pictures!!! I love them! Beautiful family!

  3. AWWWW< these made me happy!!! I love these family photos!!! WHat a great outfit selection you all came up with and these shots really capture your family love. Priceless!!! THanks for linking up with your beautiful photos!!

  4. These are great family pictures!!

    How far apart are all your kiddos?

  5. These are so wonderful... I love how they look like snips out of your daily life - but you are in the cutest clothes!

  6. lovely family pictures. i have 2 boys. we're going with the kids to the zoo right now :-) lovely greetings

  7. that last one is so sweet!!!