Saturday, April 9, 2011

steppin out {4-5-11}

the twins 3 years old
Tank-Ocean Pacific
Jacket-Mark Eisen
High Waisted Trousers-Thrifted
Pearl Earrings-gift from Michael

tuesday i stepped out with my BFF Jen for my birthday! to give you a little background on us, we met at church and it was love at first sight! that sounds kind of creepy, but it's true! we're soul tied, what can i say? we had our first babies on the same day at the same hospital an hour apart.
we ate at olive garden, then got ice cream at coldstone, and then got coffee at Bigby. we talked about everything under the sun, and the joys and trials of motherhood. (lack of modesty after childbirth, breastfeeding issues, discipline, raising young children, and what God is doing in our lives.)
Jen is married to Anthony and they have 3 beautiful children together.
Jennifer Karen Wickey
Ava Grace and Isaiah Michael
1 year

Jen, Ava, Isaiah, Me
the twins (that's what we call them) are about 18 months here

the twins~3 years old

Jen at coldstone (before we got ice cream all over the place)

Aunt Jen and Jackson at Bigby coffee

(we're headed over to their house after mike gets off work tonight to have an impromptu bbq! YAY! i'll take lots of pictures and post them later this week. it's supposed to be in the high 70s today!)
hope y'all had a wonderful week. enjoy your weekend!


  1. The kids are so cute! Your friendship is something special and blessed. I'm glad for you. :o)

  2. SO good to have friends like that!! Priceless:) the "twins" look SO cute together!!

  3. that is so awesome. Good friends are hard to come by and you guys are very blessed to have each other, but I am sure you know that already.

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Such a beautiful bond you two share... thats awesome!