Thursday, April 14, 2011

hubby thursdays (then and now)

i know we were supposed to post some pictures of our honeymoon this week, but we never went on one. yeah, i know it's sad. but hey, we were broke and could barely afford ramen noodles. i found the cd with our engagement pictures though, so i'll share a few of my favorites.

these were taken July 2005

and one taken today (before mike rushed out the door for work)
*please excuse my less than enthusiastic expression and lack of makeup. our kids have been having screaming meltdowns all morning long! at least i'm out of my pajamas!

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  1. LOL! You guys look so cute in your engagement pics! Wow your hubby's hair looks so different, so do yours! I hope the meltdowns go away for you:)

  2. I think its so much fun to look back on old pictures and compare then to now! You guys look great!! Good for you capturing one quick picture befor the hubby took off to work!

    Thanks for linking on up!! =)

    oh, and to answer your question,the dude was just bugging us to buy a metal horse! lol!!

  3. Those pics take me back! You guys look so young. Cute then and cute now. Love you.

  4. awww...u both look so happy...awww

    PS: nice top, love the colour

  5. Thank you for the sweet comment. Our honeymoon was lots of fun! I love your engagement pictures...that's something we never did.