Wednesday, April 27, 2011

write it in [yellow] lipstick

a few weeks ago, melissa over at Write it in Lipstick posted a wonderful tutorial on DIY:Red shoes. i was immediatley hooked on the concept that i could have a new pair of shoes for $4. i mean, who wouldn't be?!

when i was pregnant with jackson, i thought it would be wonderful to wear my favorite cute black heels to our MOPS meeting. well, i slipped on a patch of ice right outside our door and scuffed them all to heck.

i've been wearing them since then because i honestly can't find another pair of heels that i love as much. after i saw melissa's post, i knew that someday i would use that technique on my heels. and i would do it in yellow.


turned out pretty good, eh? i just got a new pair of shoes for $3.27! heck yes! i love thrifty moms, and what's more i love thrifty moms who are willing to share their advice. thanks melissa!


  1. LOVE EM!!!! I need a pair of yellow shoes now!

  2. GREAT color change! I just bought a pair of yellow flats for $25 but, you did it the smart way!! love them!

  3. Good Job! I am impressed. Do they smell like paint? Yay for thriftiness!! :o)

  4. I love them more in yellow than in black! And for 4 bucks you can't beat it!

  5. I love the yellow color. They look so awesome. I am so glad you tried it, doesn't it feel good to get good shoes in a great color for so cheap. hahaha

  6. Those are so cute. I am really loving the yellow. I always want to buy colorful shoes but never step out of my comfort range of brown, black or grey.