Saturday, May 28, 2011


i've lost 40 pounds since i had jackson on march 11th!
that means new clothes (that actually fit!)

dress/shirt-forever 21
slacks-converse all star skinnys
heels-forever 21

jack is now 11 weeks old! can you believe it?
he's sleeping through the night now (yeehaw!), and is so alert!

i've only got two days of work left, then i'm off to maryland for a weekend getaway! forecast is mostly sunny and 85 degrees all weekend!

hope y'all have a wonderful memorial day!


  1. What an inspiration you are!!! You look great, Mama!!

  2. yay!!! you're an inspiration and red looks SO good on you! hope you enjoy your getaway my friend!! xo

  3. That is an amazing accomplishment!! Congrats!

  4. Girl, how are you losing weight so fast! My body is in a slump and will not lose the weight now! BAH! Jackson is sooooo cute!!!!!!!! Love his hair!