Thursday, May 26, 2011

chomp chomp

every night before bed we all gather in the bathroom to
 "brush our chompers"

 what is one of your nightly rituals?


  1. We do the teeth brushing too... but we have to wrap out little one like a mummy and hold her down to do it. Ahh the American Dental Association would be proud.

  2. I actually really need to work on brushing my little ones teeth every night. I've been bad about starting it because she is little but, she has 12 teeth!! I need to get on that routine!!

  3. We do this every night too! I give them baths every other night, it probably should be every night, but for me this works better. I get a little more of a break every other day ;). I also pray with them every night while they are in bed. =)