Wednesday, June 8, 2011


sorry i'm getting this post up late, the last few days have been a little rough.

my trip to maryland to see the Derencin family was wonderful! i got super awesome round trip tickets out of Grand Rapids (one of our smaller airports, which is only an hour from me) flying into Baltimore for really cheap. i mean seriously cheap.

my flight didn't get in until thursday night and when we got to the house we sat around the fire pit in the back yard and ordered papa johns. YUM. then i went to bed.

friday, we had the most amazing coffee cake ever.
this gem is made by judy's mom. from what i understand she makes it with her (famous) "sweet bread." which i now have the recipe for thanks to judy who bought me two old betty crocker cookbooks!
(1963 edition of betty crocker's cooky book)
(1950 edition of betty crocker's picture cook book)

after our 3 hour breakfast/catching up on the last 6 years session, we went to COSTCO! now, we don't have costco where i'm from. we have sams club, but this was so much more awesome! seriously, way more awesome. we picked up a bunch of stuff for fondue later that night, and then went back home to drop it off. we decided to have lunch down in La Plata at the Royal Tea Room. it was delicious.

we sat at this table, right next to the tea shoppe.

after lunch we went back home and got things around for fondue! Judy's daughter Monica and her husband Chris were coming over. they are expecting their first baby, any day now! they're having a girl, which we only know as "baby chew"
{one of their wedding photos, i love the adoring looks they are giving each other. simply priceless}
after all of that fun, i baked a chocolate cookie cheesecake.

by saturday i was missing my kids something terrible. i got out of bed at 730 (i can't turn off my mom switch, even on vacation!) i wandered downstairs as judy was giving don his goodbye kiss for work. they've been married 30+ years (i think!) and they still kiss before he goes to work. how sweet is that? let me tell you, SO SWEET.

judy then proceeded to make captain crunch french toast (out of grandma's sweet bread). it was so delicious it didn't even need syrup.

we ate at chick-fil-a for lunch and then went to national harbor. they had a whole store that was nothing but peeps and mike&ike!

{this diorama was so hilarious!}

we ended the day with a bbq at judy's sisters house (which i forgot to take my camera to). i got to meet that other side of the family which was amazing. i got so many hugs (right off the bat!). you should know, i LOVE to give and recieve hugs. the whole family was so nice and accepting, and it was then that i told myself, someday, i'm going to live in this wonderful state because the people are SO nice out here! judy's neice katie was one of my favorite people. she and her husband have the cutest baby boy travis. i got to hold and snuggle him for a little while, which was awesome because i was missing my moosie pretty bad. moosie and travis both have a thick headfull of dark hair.

sunday was a sad day because i was leaving. but also a happy day, because i was going back home to see my family that i missed so desperatley. we went out for lunch and had lobster pizza for an appetizer. then we went to the airport.
{mama judy and i}
i am so blessed to have such a Godly woman in my life!

the kids were so happy to see me when michael picked me up from the airport. eleanor was squealing "mommy!" and isaiah kept saying "mommy! HI!" jackson didn't say anything (lol)

i spent the rest of sunday cuddling my kids and watched a movie with mike.
life is good.


  1. What a fun weekend! Captain Crunch French toast!!! Sitting in a puddle of drool over here.

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip! And that coffee cake & chocolate cookie cheesecake both look so yummy!

    I love fondue - I have two fondue pots & never used either one. Isn't that terrible!?!?

  3. I want to know more about how to make that french toast! Yum and I also love me some coffee cake;0. Sounds like a lot of fun times and fun food!!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful trip! All that talk about food just made me so hungry!