Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tasty tuesday {PW's Potato Leek Pizza}

y'all know how much i love the pioneer woman right? well i DO. she's pretty much amazing. i love to make her potato leek pizza from her cookbook! from the dough to the bacon to the goat cheese...OM NOM NOM.

you'll need:
pizza dough (i use PW's recipe which is in her cookbook and also at the beginning of this recipe)
6 slices of bacon-cut into pieces
1lb mozarella cheese (it calls for fresh mozz, but i never use it, because it's outrageously expensive around these parts)
3 leeks-well rinsed to removed dirt and thinly sliced (only slice the white/light green part of the leek. you don't want to use the leaves)
5 small red potatoes
4 oz goat cheese crumbled
grated parmesan
olive oil
a baking sheet

preheat oven to 500 degrees. prepare your pizza crust and press it out onto a baking sheet. drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. fry bacon until cooked but not crisp. remove your bacon to a paper towel lined plate. pour off most of the grease from your skillet, but don't scrape it clean! add your leeks to the pan. saute over medium heat for about 3 minutes. using a sharp knife or mandolin, slice potatoes very thin. arrange potatoes on crust slightly overlapping. sprinkle potatoes with salt. layer mozzarella over the top. place leeks on top of the cheese. sprinkle with the fried bacon and goat cheese. sprinkle with pepper. bake for 8-11 minutes until golden brown and cheese is melted!


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  1. YUM! That looks amazing!! I did link up, but it doesn't show up. Oh well, i see you enjoyed your trip! So glad you're happy to be back with your kids!!

  2. Oh man... how do you stop from eating the bacon first?? That looks delish.