Saturday, July 30, 2011

i could kick myself...seriously.

i keep telling myself that i'm going to blog. but obviously that hasn't happened. remember that "me" time i talked about a few weeks back over on Liv's blog. yeah. i havent been doing that. with all the stuff (read:CRAP!) that's been going on in my life, i simply work and come home and take care of my kids. and man, my attitude shows it. it's gotten so ugly.

so i decided to get together with some girls on thursday, and i'm so glad i did. i'm slowly clawing my way out of this pit i've allowed myself to be drug into. i need to put myself back on my list of things to care about (and take care of) so, i'm going to set some goals for myself. things like:

blog at least 4 times a week
bake something at least once a week (to bless someone with)
start on my summer reading list
drink more water
remember to take my vitamins
monitor my blood sugar regularly (so it doesnt get up to 452 again)
take my insulin regularly
go out with the girls every other week
make plans
dig out my 35mm canon and start shooting again (there is just something about caputring things with film that i love)

now i know that those dont seem like very big goals, but compared to what i've been doing, it kind of seems daunting. i finally realized that something needed to change, as i was baking cinnamon rolls last night for a bridal shower that a friend of mine is hosting. i realized that i hadnt baked anything to bless someone with since Easter. i've been slowly allowing myself to be overcome by the issues in my life.

thanks to all of you girls who have sent me encouragment and are praying.
especially Nessa, who took time to talk to me for over an hour the other week. y'all have no idea how much it means to me. and how much it has helped.


  1. Hang in there, Mama, we are all here for you!! And I will be waiting patiently for your next post, whenever that may be. For now, take your time and rest in the spirit. You are so, so loved!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'll try to blog 3 times a week too (I know you said 4, but I know I can't do that! haha)


  3. Share your summer reading list, please??? Also, you are in my prayers and I am going to hold you accountable on your goals :)

    I know what you mean about photography and taking pics...I am addicted to it and love doing it too!

  4. sometimes the toughest thing to do is to get going on all of that. you can do it though cause you're pretty amazing.

  5. Kristance Anne!! (Guessing at your middle name...) I am going to seriously kick your tush for that suger #!! You got to take care of you. If it wasn't so late I would be calling. (I said that in my mom voice btw)

    Seriously I am calling you tomorrow - see how your camera is treating you and how that baking went.

  6. I think these are great goals!!!! They are good for you & attainable & sonething you can keep your focus on. Good for you! Now - that insulin & sugar part - now that's sonething you should bs doing anyway young lady!!!!!!! Take care if your health first & foremost! You've got precious little ones that you have to stay healthy for. Forever praying for you & wishing you & your babies the best.