Thursday, July 21, 2011

louisiana/my sister's wedding

[mr. and mrs. corey donaldson]

hey y'all. so sorry, i did not disappear off the face of the earth. i took my sweet family down to louisiana this past weekend for my sister's wedding. it took us 22 hours to make it down there (and back) the kids did well considering they were trapped in the car for 22 hours. on the way down, we stopped in arkansas for gas at 4:30am and i realized that eleanor (who was sleeping) had something caked all over her face and eyelashes. turns out she dumped a whole canister of formula all over the backseat and played in it. Isaiah, dumped a whole box of rice cereal out on the floorboard. no wonder they were being so quiet...

once we got to my sisters, we had so much fun. want to see?!
crawfish boil!

le crawfish!

gator sighting!

mini lizard

 little sister kayle and i
teryn getting into her dress!

big sister nikia

momma and nona.

keeping herself busy with my pearls

the cake!

kayle and daymein dancing away

teryn and i (after she got out of her super awesome dress)

my granny (on my dad's side) with all of her great grandkids!
(eathan, isaiah, jackson, gavin, eleanor, daymein)

congratulations teryn and corey, wishing you all the best and many blessings in your marriage!

(and two more just because my sister is unbelievably beautiful!)


  1. Gorgeous pictures Kristance!!! I adore the one of you and Eleanor, she is such a beauty and why not? Just look at her Momma!! xoxo

  2. SUch a gorgeous day! I love wedding! Your sister looked amazing!!! And what a cake!!! Bet it was delicious!!! And you have cocodrile there?!?! never saw one in my life! have a lovely weekend! x

  3. Such great pictures! Your sister looked gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful wedding dress and the cake... well, it looks ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!


  5. Congratulations to your sister! She looks so beautiful...the dress is stunning too! :) Do you mind if I pin the last photo of your sister? I just love everything about the photo and how they captured a very special moment.