Monday, July 11, 2011

Moosie at 4 months

can you believe my little moosie man turned 4 months old today?!
jackson henry, please stop growing up so fast!

jackson is cutting his first tooth y'all!
he also loves to be held...all the time. (and he lets you know it. screams until he makes himself sick!)
he loves to be out of doors
he won't sleep without his monkey security blanket
he is sleeping through the night

how was your weekend, friends? do anything fun or exciting?
tomorrow our family is embarking on a trip down to louisiana! my sister is getting married on saturday! wish us luck;  it's an 18hr drive straight through!


  1. The time just goes by way too fast! I look at Aaron & still see a little baby, but he is actually almost a year and a half now - I can't believe it. And my baby girl is about to be FIVE!!! ACK!

  2. absolutely cute!! :P