Sunday, July 3, 2011

potty training!

sorry for being pretty absent from blogging lately! i've been devoting the time that i'm not working to potty training eleanor! today we've had a breakthrough! we were coloring at the table (isaiah, eleanor, and i) when she loudly proclaimed, "i potty, mommy!" and climbed down from the and marched her little self into the bathroom! (no prompts from me! Hallelujah!)

Isaiah also is having some potty breakthroughs today! he has somewhat of an aversion to pooping on the potty (so he usually waits until nap/bedtime to go when he has a pull up on) but he has gone poop on the potty TWICE today! YEEHAW!

yesterday i spent some time at my grandmas with my sisters (Kayle and Nikia) and my wonderful nephews (Daymein and Gavin)
{grandma and gavin, kayle and jackson}

a big hello to a my new followers! so happy to have you!
happy 4th, american lovelies!
(and happy belated canada day Andrea!)


  1. dang pullups. I hate them honestly. Whoever invented them, "curse you!" Emma did the same thing with pooping in them. SO glad things are going well! WOOT!

  2. Thank you my friend!! Your way too sweet:)
    Great to hear that your kids are going potty! Hopefully that continues:)

  3. Awww! I wish I had that seems to be the only kind of comment I leave on your blog...but it really does make me want to have kids!!

    Janette the Jongleur

  4. We just started our potty training journey. So glad I have so much to look forward to.