Friday, July 1, 2011

what a week! oy.

is it just me or has this week seemed really long?! here are a few photos from this week via the matthew household:

isaiah and eleanor were being a little too quiet when i walked into the livingroom and found this. the whole bottle of baby powder on the couch, floor, and themselves.

thursday i had the opportuninty to bless a new mom and dad with dinner! our best friends John and Sara Koller just had their first baby, precious Zoe 2 weeks ago! i made them beef and beer stew with parmesan garlic pull apart bread (the recipe will be up for tasty tuesday next week!) dessert was chocolate oreo ice cream.

isaiah tought himself how to drink the milk out of his cereal bowl this week!

momma and moosie enjoying the sunshine!

as y'all know i sponsor sweet Mandy over at She Breathes Deeply. she's featuring all of her july sponsors today! go check out all of the other sweet ladies!


  1. Oh my goodness... look at all that baby powder. I can't wait for the beer stew!

  2. never good when the kids are quiet!! lol. my son and dog when he was about 1 ate an entire bag of oreos... another time.. he decided to color on the couch, walls, carpet and his dresser with a black permanant marker... good times! (i am not a lover of arm and hammer magic erasers!! lol)

  3. Be thankful they didn't mix the powder & desitin - the baby sitter came in one day to find the girls (Emma & friend) had done that at her house! That was NOT easy to clean!! LOL

  4. Thats always good when kids give us moms the warning sound of silence! The food looks AMAZING! God bless you for caring for your friends like that! Its always soo good to get meals after a baby:)

  5. Powder party, WOOHOO! The beef stew and bread look amazing, what a great friend you are!

  6. wow, that's a lot of baby powder! I'm sure the kids had fun! I hopeyou have a good weekend