Wednesday, August 10, 2011


the kids were chasing each other down the hallway yesterday.
eleanor tripped and smacked her head on the doorframe.
after a trip to the ER (because she wanted to sleep right after it happened and it scared the crap out of me), it was determined that she has a concussion.
so we gave her some motrin and an ice pack
and woke her up every few hours last night.

this morning she is full of energy (what the heck?!) and her bump is completely gone. she has a mighty big bruise, but she doesnt seem to care. what a little trooper! (:


  1. Poor thing! My son has one (not this size) and hit his head on the door frame. It is so sad and scary when they do that.

  2. Oh poor baby (and poor mommy). I am so glad this morning she is better. It's always scary when they get those bumps - glad you followed your instinct to go to the ER since it truly was a concussion.

  3. Aw! Poor little girl :(
    Weird story - I had a concussion once (I was 9), but the bump on my head wasn't nearly that big ... about ten years later, I hit my head again - the bump was almost exactly that size, but no concussion. Strange...

  4. oh my goodness! how scary! i'm glad everything turned out ok. :)

  5. awe... poor thing!! its always so scary when the little ones get her like that!! glad to hear she is doing well today!!

  6. Oh man!! I am so glad she is doing well. I bet you are exhausted.