Friday, September 30, 2011

DIY FRIDAY:Crayon Art!

i was inspired by this pin on pinterest.
i used 58 crayons on a 16x20 canvas.
i glued all of the crayons to the canvas with my hot glue gun, then took my blow dryer to them. they melted beautifully. i may melt the next set more and let them drip all the way down.
oh, and i listened to the new NeedToBreathe whilst i crafted.

it's my half birthday today. (25 1/2, baby!)
i may get my nails done. i might will definatley eat chinese. lots and lots of chinese.
happy friday, lovies.


  1. Awesome!!! That turned out good!

  2. this is awesome! i will definitely be trying this soon. i think it would look amazing in the boys' playroom. :)

  3. WHOAAA! I always wondered how they did that! Amazing!! I think I want to try i...but I don't know where I would hang it..Hmm...

    Janette the Jongleur

  4. Pretty cool!
    And I love Chinese :P haha I actually think I'm pretty much addicted t Chinese food. :)